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Naturally, I am concerned that my customers like what I do.  I always try to do better.  Besides those people who rely on customer ratings to assist them in selecting a source, the people who really appreciate feed back are the guys who help me make the receivers.  They have no way of knowing whether or not they are doing a good job because they do not really know what is expected in Thompson.  If I get a bad report, they know immediately that they screwed up.  If I get a good report, they know they are going in the right direction and try even harder.


Doug, thank you so much for the Receiver (1928A1 Ultimax), it is without question, a work of art!   Beautiful and perfect.  Additionally, I would also like to thank you for taking time, answering my questions and providing me with the information I so needed prior to placing my order.  I am very much looking forward to my next purchase and again, thank you so very much.  You are a true artist and gentleman.  D. M.  May 2015

The receiver (Pre-Ultimax M1A1)  was delivered this morning. Thanks so much for the quick delivery. It’s a beautiful work of American design and craftsmanship......... C.C. April 2015

my receiver (1928 Ultimax) is stunning, RBS  May 2015

ITS  (1921 Colt display gun) MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!   TRULY A WORK OF ART AMERICANA.  A TRUE TREASURE.  .DR (Doug Richardson) IS A PROS PRO.  W.C   Apr. 2015.

"The 1928A1 Ultimax barreled receiver is a masterpiece." P.S. Mar. 23. 2015

"The receiver is beautiful." P.C. Mar. 20, 2015

"Doug, your Ultimax receiver is a work of art." JD, Feb. 19, 2015



I purchased two 1928A1 Ultimax receivers from you a while back. They are beyond excellent in all aspects. I am more than pleased.
I would like to get two more if they are available.


I read your catalog - words dont do your work justice - speechless is what I am

Doug is  "one-of-a-kind", a real treasure.

I ordered a barreled 1921 ultimax receiver as well and just got it last week. It is truly an amazing work of art. Exceeded my expectations. The wait is well worth it!  Doug is the man!!

I just received my 1921 Ultimax receiver last week and it is incredible. Doug is the real deal and you will not go wrong dealing with him. No other 80% Thompson receiver holds a candle to Doug's ultimax.

 I just received a second Ultimax 1928 Receiver from you.  These are a work of art.  I used to work as a machinist and currently I am an Automotive Engineer.  They are indeed Better than the originals.  I checked them dimensionally - there are no flaws.
  I just want to say thank you for the contribution (pioneering effort) you have made to this hobby.

 Subject: An Artist!
Received the receiver yesterday and all I can say is WOW!  You are an artist!  Putting both side by side shows just how your attention to detail really pays off.  Now I have a great opportunity to use the tools I got from you a number of years ago.



Yesterday I received one of your (1928A1) Ultimax receivers.  Absolutely georgous and fantastic and your delivery was really sooner than I expected.----- 

My son saw it and likes it so much he wants one.  Just an absolute, fantastic piece of craftsmanship and finish


   I also wanted to say how delighted I am with the 1928a1 that you sent. It's beautiful!


 You just sent me a barrel vise. I used it to re-install a barrel that had some work done to it.  It was perfect.  It worked so very well.  No scratches.  No slipping.  Wonderful, wonderful stuff


The Receiver I purchased for my son is beyond expectations.  I'm sure you have heard this already, but your Receivers are ART!!!BEAUTIFUL!!!! 



Let Doug know that I am absolutely thrilled with the receiver and his outstanding work!

It was worth the four year wait. (Doug's Comment ---receivers are now available for immediate delivery.)

"Just received my 1928 A1 Ultimax Receiver today. This is a fantastic piece of work, I thought the first one I got a few years ago was worth the wait but you have outdid yourself on the Ultimax!"


"The package (M1A1 Ultimax receiver) just came.  Beautiful."

Thanks for the 1928 Receiver, it's perfect.

Hello Doug, received my receiver a few days ago and it is a work of art, and well worth the wait!!, best iv'e ever seen!, if you want the best these are it!!, we were all in shock when we unwrapped it! beautiful!

I got your receiver friday. It's beautiful,

Thank you for the M1 receiver it is a work of art!
Thank you again for the fantastic receiver and I will be ordering an M1A1 very shortly

Thanks the Grip Mount is super! Thanks for the 8 dollar refund honest man hard to find, but there is one in Malibu...

Thank you so much--now I understand! My drawings were nowhere near as clear as yours. I have all of the correct pieces.

By the way those sight rivets and sight hinge pins I got from you a few months ago were perfect.

I had a machinist friend of mine remove the Lyman rear sight and use your rivets. He did a great job and the gun looked like it came from Colt. You would never had known the difference. Thanks for making a great item

Parts  arrived, all fine.  You do magnificent work.  Thank you.  


Thank you very much for standing behind your product!!
 I have purchased several other items from you and all have been of excellent quality.


I must say that since we have been using your buffers we have not cracked a receiver.  We have put over 2 million rounds through the 2 M1 Thompson's that we use for the rental program in the past 3 years.  I have put a total of 11 barrels on the guns and have worn out countless sears and bolts.  Thanks for a great product.


Pics  of my West Hurley with Colt trigger frame 6917 and Richardson barrel and Richardson 1921 actuator. Shoots like a champ.


The pivot plate removal tool works great, I have recommended it to a number of my friends who own Thompsons.  The books were also excellent additions, very much enjoyed the book on drums.
I just used your grip mount removal tool (again) and it really does a fantastic job.

(Comments posted on MachineGunBoards.Com regarding the 1921 Actuators)

-perfect work!!!!

-I wouldn't expect anything less than perfect from him! He is indeed an artist.

-I have one as well and it works flawlessly together with Doug's reproduction 21 buffer set.


 Received the actuator today - beautiful, a work of art!


Received the original shipping info from Doug, I am very pleased to now know the original origin of shipping of #9151.

I've already made contact with the police dept., and hopefully will get some assistance, pictures, or stories from them.

Thanks much Doug, well worth the $56.


I wanted to let you know that I received my order of the grip mount puller and the display receiver. I'm very pleased with both. The display receiver is absolutely beautiful and well worth the 4+ year wait.
I was also amazed at the level of finish and quality you put on your tools!


The twins have just arrived and they are AWESOME!    The white lacquer paint really makes the engraving look good.- - - - - -   (He is talking about 2 barreled receivers.)

I received my 2MM receiver a couple of days ago and, as always, if is a beautiful piece of work.  Thank you for what you do.  This is the fifth receiver I have bought from you in the past 4 or 5 years, all different models, and all are great.


The '21 display receiver arrived safely yesterday 3/27.  It is perfect and was well worth the wait.

Thank you for the prompt refund of my deposit. This  cancellation had nothing to do with anything you had done. This was  purely a personal choice. I will continue to purchase fantastic  Thompson parts that you offer. In fact I will be doing so soon.  Thank you for your knowledge and ability to make such great parts etc

Holy Mackeral Doug, I can't believe how nice this actuator is ! Hell, this is almost nicer than the original Colt ones I got from Form 10 guns a few years ago. Boy, your stuff never ceases to amaze me. Thanks, again,

I received your 1921 actuator yesterday.  You have done a great job on it.  The knurling is superb. 


2 each Serial Numbered M1928A1 Display Receivers delivered.

Absolutely delighted with all your superb effort.


I was very pleased with the books and the pivot plate removal tool works like a champ.  I cannot see how a Thompson owner could be without one of those, it sure makes the job simple and safe for the finish.  I was also impressed with the fast service.  Thanks much.


I have received my M1A1 shop receiver and agree it is indeed a "work of art" .


Received receiver yesterday. Very happy with it.


I just wanted to let you know that I received the receiver today.  It's beautiful!  It's too bad so many people are so impatient and cause you all the grief that resulted in a policy  change regarding markings.  I would have loved to see this receiver with the Colt 1921 markings.  It probably would have been the closest I will ever come to actually holding a real Colt Thompson.  Your work was definitely worth the 4+ year wait.  Your very satisfied customer,   

 (My Comment: This customer ordered a 2S receiver.  Putting "Colt" markings on that receiver requires modifying the markings to make them fit.  This in addition to the receiver not being a "Colt" receiver would make this receiver a custom receiver, which I will no longer do.  "Colt" markings are still available on "Colt" receivers because that is a standard configuration.)


My custom 1927A1 receiver arrived safe & sound (and dry!) yesterday.  I continue to marvel at your workmanship (and your ability to keep all your  myriad of orders organized).

"Either send me my receiver at once, or my money - all of it. If I don’t get satisfaction by the end of the month I will take legal action. Taking money and not delivering the product is mail fraud, a Federal offense (apart from being flat out sleazy). I’m out of patience with you."
(Reply) If you are not happy with me, all you have to do is ask for a refund.  I assume that is what you want.  You will have your refund in full as soon as I next go to town & the post office which should be this Thursday.  I can't do better than I am doing.  I apologize for not being everything you want me to be.


Thank you Doug for the fine work you did on the TH conversion to accept the detachable buttstock. The “new” buttstock is beautiful and fits like a “glove”.

All the other items I ordered arrived in the same package and I am very pleased with everything. I know you are a busy guy and have little time to cater to  many, but in my case you were kind enough to help me when I had nowhere else to turn. You are a kind and generous person.

And again:  Thank You!


"your work is the best".

Mr. Richardson, just got the Thompson parts I ordered from you. I just wanted you to know that I am very pleased. The workmanship is excellent. Thank You.

Got the barrel wrench; thanks!  Obviously you didn't make any compromises on this tool; very impressive!

I just got my books and blue prints from you and wanted to say thanks for sending back the over payment for shipping, I wasn't expecting that, That tells me a lot about your honesty and integrity--Thanks again.




I just wanted to let you know I received my parts kit and they look great. (Referring to bead blast and black oxide service.)

I have a couple of mills and lathes so I know a little about machine  work. A friend bought one of your receivers about ten years ago and I  am still amazed every time I see it. You sir, are a true artist. 
Please keep at it!

"I received my receiver vise, grip mount retainer, and barrel worked like a charm.....I had to unbarrel and rebarrel to change the incorrect grip mount on my 1928A1."


"As you may recall I received both your M1 and 1928 version semi-auto receivers several months  (June 2008) ago. 
 As usual...your products were excellent. 
 Douglas, all good things are worth waiting for..  especially your work."

"I finished your new book "Thompson Submachine Gun Models" yesterday and want to congratulate you on a really great book.  It is written so that it is easy to understand and answers many questions that I have had in the 60 + years that I have studied the Thompson. "

"Doug makes great stuff. My gun was made from a DR receiver...worth every penny I put into it."

"Received the tools I ordered yesterday, good quality and they work perfectly."


"I received my Shop barreled receiver and I must say it looks better than the original one's.  My wife is interested in one too."  (His letter included an order for another receiver.  That's my kind of woman.)

"After receiving Mr. Richardson's M1 receiver from catalog #35, quite some time ago, I have come to know that they are the very best receivers out there in the market, hands down.  The quality of material and craftsmanship far exceeds anything else, I have handled what few other receivers there are on the market and they DO NOT even come close to his."

“I have worked on quite a few Thompson dummy receivers in the past 12 years and I must say yours are truly the best I have ever seen. All of the exterior surfaces were true and square which made my setup and engraving easier. It is truly a pleasure to see quality work in an age of quick and dirty.” (I offer markings but some want to do their own or want custom work.)

“Doug you did an outstanding job on the 1928A1 receiver.”

“Receiving your check today made me appreciate that your knowledge is exceeded only by your integrity.” (He cancelled his order.)

“What a wealth of information, I cannot put them down.” (My books.)

“I’m enclosing an order for a 1928A1 receiver. I still have the M1A1 display “gun” I put together with the display receiver I purchased from you about 10 years ago. Everyone I have shown it to praises the workmanship and realistic detail that you’ve put into it.”

“I cannot overstate how extremely pleased I am with your work. The receiver has an excellent finish and looks better than any original I’ve seen. How were you able to produce these in quantity with this kind of attention to workmanship and quality?”. (By my always being behind.)

“Everything looks very professionally built. It is worth every penny!!” (Tools)

“I am a CII and my new DR Top-cocking M2 receiver has dumped over 2000 rounds with no malfunctions. I would honestly say that they are priced about $500 too low. Get on his list, buy his receiver and know that you have the best that is currently avalable!!” (And be patient - I can only do so much.)

Must say that I know why there is such a long wait. I am very pleased with your work! I must confess, I thought I had lost my deposit because it was such a long time since I’d heard nothing. I thought it was a scam, yet your ad kept appearing in the Shotgun News. I purchased a receiver from another source and was about to start my dummy project when I got your call that my receiver was almost ready and that I needed to send the remainder for shipment. A big risk, but why not. When I place the Richardson receiver next to the other “receiver”, the difference is quite obvious. The other “receiver” will be up for auction on E-bay as soon as I figure out how to do that.” (I know that the long wait for my receivers creates doubt and I apologize but I do the best I can.)

“I received my 1921 Receiver and once again I am thrilled. Both the M1A1 and the 1921 were well beyond my expectations. You are to be commended in this day of questionable quality fot the craftsmanship you display.”

“I received the uppers (receivers) today and I just wanted to tell you (Madalon) and Doug that they are a work of art.”

“Doug first thing, the receiver has arrived WOW, absolutely UNBELIEVABLE LETTERING. I am completely impressed.”

“My receiver arrived arrived yesterday and I’m delighted. Your attention to detail is outstanding.”

“Thanks for nothing you stuck up snob.” (He didn’t like me saying I could not give him advice on how to maintain a Numrich (West Hurley) C drum because it was not a real Thompson product so I did not have the drawings for it and therefore did not know how it was made.)

“I received my M1A1 barreled shop receiver. I want to thank you for the fine work and time that went into this project.”

“Both (receivers) arrived. Words cannot express the true quality and “historical exactness”. It was worth the wait.’

“your Barrel vise and Receiver wrench worked awesome. No marring or deforming of the fins at all. Very good design.”

“He said your products are top of the line, but you can be a little ornery. Both good things”

“the Universal barrel wrench and your grip mount puller are really sweet ! I LOVE EM ! ! !”

Hi Doug, Just received the Tech. manual (Thompson Technical Volume 1) and other paper stuff I ordered. That Tech. manual is unbelievable. So much neat stuff I can hardly put it down once started. SUPERB”

“I also used your Universal Barrel Wrench on my M1928A1's with no heat and it worked fine.”

“I received your Universal Barrel Wrench yesterday and it is a work of art.”