Late configuration receiver. Rare second pattern receiver markings (1921 patent dates and "THOMPSON" bullet log with "TRADE" over and "MARK" under). Third (last) pattern frame markings. New Richardson barrel. Late Colt compensator. 1928 Colt Type "L" (50 cartridge    capacity) drum magazine. Reprint drum winding instruction card. Two Colt Type XX box magazines. Re-nickled buttstock oil can. Three buttstock felt oil can bushings. Reprint 1921 Handbook. Reprint 1936 Catalog. Bent handled breech brush. Spare Richardson actuator. $45,000. 310-457-6400



4) Magazines:  Go to MAGAZINES Page in this website for all magazines.

5) 1921 Actuator: Early style (flat front with groove), new condition. $1800 

12) Breech Brush: Bent brass handle, new condition. $25 (have several)

18) Frame Assembly: Early rare (1st pattern markings) style ("AUTOMATIC"/"SEMI-AUTOMATIC" & vertical arrows), complete with all parts except grip & bolt, excellent condition. $5000

20) Frame Assembly: Late (3rd pattern) markings ("FULL AUTO"/"SINGLE" & horizontal arrows), complete with all parts except grip & bolt, S/N 7150, excellent condition. $3000

21) Buttstock: 1921 Colt with the later added Springfield style sling swivel as fitted in 1922 and adopted as standard in 1935, reconditioned like new. $500

22) Compensator: Late style, used with pin hole, complete with sight & pin, excellent. $600

23) Trigger: Excellent. $125

25) 1928 Buffer: Red fiber, excellent. $20 (have 6)

26) Rear Grip Bolt: Excellent. $15

27) Felt Bushing For Buttstock Oil Can: $8 (3 required) (Sold only with oil can.)

28) Brush & Thong:  Original brass metal and black bristles pull-through bore brush.  Excellent.   $125


                           REPRODUCTION  COLT  PARTS

1) 1921A Barrel: Made from new M1 WW2 surplus barrels. $430

2) 1921C Barrel: Made from new M1 WW2 surplus barrels. Compensator threads are ground to produce the best threads possible. $445

5) Early Style Compensator: Complete with sight. Made with 3/4" diameter threads to fit late style barrels. $150

6) Ring Front Sight: $65  (This item is no longer in stock but I plan to make more at some future time.)

7) Compensator Pin: 1/8" diameter. $5

9) Ring Sight Pin: 1/8" diameter. $5

10) 1921 Recoil Spring: Unlike other reproductions being sold, these are actually made in accordance with the original Colt drawing. $20

12) Vertical Foregrip Bolt: $8

13) 1921 Actuator: Late style.  $435

14) Buttstock Oil Can: Re-nickeled 1928A1 to look like 1921. $45

17) 1923 Forearm:  $150

18) 1923 Buttstock:  Straight back, no drop style, complete with all metal.  $250

19) FBI cleaning Rod:  This is the long style that fits in the "FBI" gun carrying case. Has slot for patches. Brass.  $110

20) Brush & Thong:  Brass metal and black bristles pull-through bore brush.  $36






Parts box shown below is no longer available.