My receivers have a black oxide finish similar to that originally used on World War II 1928, 1928A1, M1, and M1A1 TSMGs.         However, some surplus guns and parts kits have been refinished with a non-original phosphate (Parkerized) coating.  Regardless of the type of finish, refinishing may be desired. In order to assist those building up guns using my receivers, I offer the following refinishing services:


Glass bead blasting removes all traces of rust, dirt, and old finish, leaving a homogeneous surface that yields the highest quality black oxide finish. Bead blasting does not, however, change the metal surface like abrasive (sand) blasting does. Therefore, for the best results, dents, dings, pitting, and other damage to the metal should be removed beforehand. I do not do any restoration work, so you should sand, file, and otherwise repair the metal to your satisfaction before sending it to me. $35 for up to one gun parts set without a receiver.


Hot black oxide is a bluing process that changes the color of the metal by changing the surface to an oxide.  Black oxide is a particularly nice finish because a gun can be re-finished with black oxide repeatedly and always comes out looking like new.  This is not true for the old rust bluing that requires re-polishing of the metal each time.  Black oxide does not protect metal from rusting but the oxide retains oil which creates the protection.  Black oxide is the finish all gun manufacturers call bluing in use today.  It is similar in properties to the pre-WWII rust blue although applied differently.  Black oxide can be removed instantly by dipping the part in a mild muriatic acid solution.  No polishing or other surface preparation is included by me.  You may sand, file, or otherwise repair the parts before sending if you want them to look better.  Black oxiding will not change the metal or cover rust.  Markings, corners, cutter marks, pitting, dents, dings, rust, etc. will be the same as I receive them.  $35 for up to one gun parts set without a receiver.

COMBO: Bead blast and black oxide as above. $85

Parts MUST BE DISASSEMBLED and no springs included because the high black oxiding bath temperature will destroy some springs. (Magazine catch springs and frame latch springs may be left assembled with no apparent problem, but the U shaped flat spring in late style buttplates is always destroyed.) If you include any assembly, it will either bleed oxiding salts indefinitely and/or the springs will be destroyed. I will not disassemble buttplates. If you send me a late 1928A1 or M1/M1A1 buttplate assembly I will return it (if I notice the spring) as I received it rather than destroy the spring. Clean the parts in solvent to remove all grease. Do not send me parts caked in grease. Please contact me before shipping for scheduling. Include a COMPLETE list of the INDIVIDUAL parts sent so there will be no question as to what parts are in the package. Nickel plated parts cannot be black oxided.

Add $14 HIS per parts set plus $1.50 per $100 insurance value over the first $100 you wish insured.


I am not licensed as a gunsmith, firearms manufacturer, or firearms dealer.  I do no custom work on guns or semi-finished receivers made by others.  I do not repair semi-auto Thompsons.