SERVICE: I try to give good service and answer the phone.  I return every call that leaves a phone number that I can understand. I am, however, retired, old and I have poor vision.  I do this as a hobby so donít expect e-commerce order speed. The upside is that I have been working on and researching Thompson guns for over 70 years which, along with my engineering expertise, may benefit those with patience.  Since I now spend a lot of time in Belize (Central America), it is best to check "Doug's Blogs" to find out where I am. 

QUESTIONS: I do not mind answering technical questions regarding Thompson guns by phone.  Please do not ask for value appraisals which I do not do. The best time to phone me for long calls is 8pm-9pm when I am least busy.   Questions of general interest, along with my answers, will be posted on the "Dear Doug" page.

GUARANTEE: Most of the items are designed and manufactured by me and available nowhere else. The quality is the best available. If you do not agree, return any purchase for a full refund of the purchase price.  Except for a defect in a product I manufactured, all sales are final after 30 days. Unless otherwise stated, my products are designed to fit original Thompson Submachine Guns (No true Thomson gun has been made since1944.) in their standard configurations for which I have all the original drawings and specifications. I can not guarantee the fit or function of my products in aftermarket guns (non-original copies like Numrich or Kahr "Auto-Ordnance") or semi-autos or guns which have been modified.

TERMS: Add $14 for orders up to $600 and $18 for orders over $600 that I can get into a U.S. Post Office Flat Rate Box and $36 for a barreled receiver,  Handling, Insurance and Shipping (HIS), unless otherwise stated.  If the order is less than $100 and is for pamphlets, drawings or other small items which can be packed in a U.S. Post Office Flat Rate Priority Envelope or small padded envelope, add $7 HIS.  No CODs, credit cards or billing.  I consider everything other than currency or U.S. Post Office Money Orders to be the same as personal checks which will delay the order at least 14 days for check clearing.  I will not ship most items to a foreign country.

PHONE & E-M: Please include your phone and e-mail contacts in case I have a question about your order. I just donít have time to write letters when a quick call gets it done.

BACK ORDERS: Because I manufacture most everything myself, replenishing stock may take a long time. I will make my best determination on whether to send a refund or backorder an item that is out of stock.  Since I am discontinuing most of my products, it is best to call me for a stock check before ordering.

CATALOGS: Catalogs are no longer available.  They have been replaced by this website.

MAIL: Because I have a hard time getting to the post office, I am not there to sign for mail.  Sending me mail that must be signed for only creates a delay in getting mail to me. Therefore, DO NOT SEND ME MAIL THAT MUST BE SIGNED FOR LIKE CERTIFIED OR EXPRESS MAIL.

SHIPPING: BEFORE SHIPPING ANYTHING TO ME, CALL FOR INSTRUCTIONS.  For best service from UPS and FEDEX, address packages to my company name, GITANA  INDUSTRIES at the regular Chatsworth address.

ORDER FORMS: The receiver order form is located at the bottom of the RECEIVERS & BARRELED RECEIVERS page. It really helps me if receiver orders are put on that form.  For other items just write what you want in a letter.  Please be brief.  A simple 1, 2, 3 list is all that is needed or that I can read.  I know some people like to be friendly and write me nice letters but I just can't read very well which just leads to me making errors in the orders.  If you want to talk, please call me.  I do enjoy hearing about what people are doing with Thompson.