I have included everything I think useful to a Thompson owner and gunsmith. The gun models and parts are identified. Assembly and disassembly are covered along with a section on special repairs necessary to make the parts useable. Other sections include magazines, possible modifications and parts interchangeability, manufacturing a receiver, finishing an Ultimax receiver, analyzing functioning problems, checking out the gun, shooting and maintaining the gun. An appendix includes the instructions for all the special tools I designed. This is not a story book. It is a working manual with information not available in any other book. Make one mistake when working on your gun and this Manual will have paid for itself probably many times over. I want everyone to have this Manual because I am tired of hearing the horror stories of what people or incompetent gunsmiths have done to the guns. Even if you will never work on or shoot your gun, you can show this Manual to anyone you have work on your gun for you.

It is 209 pages, 8-1/2" x 11", soft cover with a Perfect binding. I am autographing every copy because so many people ask for that anyway. Price is $35 + $7 Priority Mail.



Drum Magazines have often been mentioned in various books and articles on the Thompson Submachine Gun but not until the First Edition of this bo


ok had the Drum Magazine been covered in depth. From the inception of the drum concept through design and manufacturing, the book covered it all. For the first time the various models of the Types “C” and “L” Drums were identified and given names. Thompson collectors finally had basic reference on Thompson drum magazines. The Second Edition vastly expanded the First Edition. Now the Third Edition is available which includes an additional drum model, a chapter on accessories, and more information. Every known production drum is completely photographed in full size. Richardson, soft back, 118 pages, 8 ˝" x 11",  (Autographed on request.) $20





Box magazines have essentially been ignored by writers of Thompson articles and collectors alike. This book examines the origin, design, patents, markings, and manufacturers of the magazines as well as providing a complete identification of all known box magazines. This book also corrects the myths and misconceptions commonly accepted and repeated in others writer’s works. For the first time, Thompson box magazines are treated in their own right rather than as an incidental accessory of the gun. Richardson, soft back, 56 pages, 8 ˝" x 11", (Autographed on request.) $16







Everyone who has owned a Model 1921, 1928 or 1928A1 Thompson Submachine Gun has observed the patent markings on the side of the gun. Those markings are either in the form of patent dates or patent numbers. This book is intended to provide the information necessary for the Thompson owner to understand patents and to appreciate what those patent references meant in the development of the gun. Reprints of the original patent documents are included. This book also discloses for the first time ever how an incorrect patent number mistakenly got put on the side of some Model 1928 Savage guns and all Model 1928A1 guns. Richardson, soft back, 122 pages, 8 ˝" x 11",  (Autographed on request.) $20






Attempts have been made over the years to silence the Thompson Submachine Gun. These include the Maxim silencer offered by the Auto-Ordnance Corporation during the 1920's, World War II U.S. and British army designs, and adaptations of silencers developed after the war. None of these efforts was particularly successful because the designs were not engineered into the gun. This book presents some historical Thompson silencer information and considerations, but is primarily a design manual for a highly effective suppressor to fit the Thompson Submachine Gun. Manufacturing drawings are included for every part of the suppressor. This information is intended to be of special interest to Thompson enthusiasts. Those who also possess the proper state and federal licenses and permits, which would enable them to fabricate a suppressor legally, can do so with this design information. Richardson, soft back, 25 pages, 8 ˝" x 11", (Autographed on request.) $12




This is a book for everyone interested in Thompsons.  If you only have one Thompson book in your library, this should be it.  For the first time anywhere, every model of Thompson Submachine Gun Auto-Ordnance Corporation ever sold, intended to sell, hoped to sell or thought about selling is documented in this book in chronological order.  There are guns included that most of the "experts' don't even know existed.  The research required to produce this book has taken many, many years.  The evolution of the parts as each  succeeding model was created is thoroughly covered with comments where appropriate including criticisms.  Accessories like the bayonets, silencers, flash hiders, etc., which appear in A-O catalogs but which no one seems to know how they fit onto the guns or even what guns they were designed for are explained.  This little book is jam packed with the kind of Thompson information every one involved in Thompsons needs to know.  Richardson, soft back, 53 pages, 8"1/2" x 11", comb bound with vinyl covers, (Autographed on request.) $16